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TITLE:Kosen Conference

* Kosen Conference in Sendai2 [#k125bc3a]

// このあたりに最新情報を書くといいかも

Teble of cntents:

** Purpose [#vd3335ed]
Kosen conference had been mainly in Kanto and Kansai,it wasnot easy for the students in often areasto attend the event.But by holding the conference in Sendai,we are planning more students to attend the event.
also in today's aoiety,English in very important skill to wolk glolally.
among there matters,Kosen's eduvcater purpase in to train human which could work glolally in the future. so English in the sulyit which all Kosen students should learn.To work alrand,presentation in English in merssary ,also communications in English too.Consdering the matter alone,We will have the Kosen Conference to progress the interlats in English,in the theml of "In English,please!"~talk and thing will the inleneet in English~.

** Summary [#vd3335ed]

- Date: August 6,2013 01:30pm to 06:00pm(JST)
- Capacity: 40people
//- place: PARM-CITY_131 5F Room5A(JR"Sendai station"Take time about 20-minute walk from the Sendai station exit.)
- Meeting place: PARM-CITY_131 5F Room5A(about 20-minute walk from JR Sendai station)
|CENTER:Around the conference hall|CENTER:Main Entrance|CENTER:Entrance|CENTER:Meeting Place|
- Participation :
-- Main meeting:Undecided
-- Social gathering:Undecided

-Theme: In English please! ~Let's send thing with the interest in English~

** Contents [#vd3335ed]

You can choose between '''''Regular Talk''''' and '''''Lightning Talk'''''.~
Please use Japanese word a little.~
-Regular Talk is about 10-20 minutes.
-Lightning Talk is approx 5 minutes.

** Poster [#g5406a86]
&ref(../poster.jpg,,20%,poster); &ref(../poster1.jpg,,20%,poster);

** Recruiting speakers [#g6a9428d]
Coming soon.
//** Recruiting speakers [#g6a9428d]
//Coming soon.
//We're recruting speakers.
//*** Announcement [#r61b6ac0]
//*** Application procedure [#r6349961]

** Recruiting participants [#ka3b9d9e]
Coming soon.
//** Recruiting participants [#ka3b9d9e]
//Coming soon.
//We're recruting participants.

//** Timetable
//Coming soon.

//** Access

//*** Walk
//*** Sendai Subway
//*** Bus

** Official Tag [#va1784fd]
- &size(25){kosenconf-072sendai2};
-- Blog, Flickr, Social Bookmark and so on. Be sure to give the tag.
- On Twitter, please use #kosenconf or #kosenconf_sendai2

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